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Total Body Conditioning Class

Total Body Conditioning Class

This class targets the body as a whole leaving regular participants feeling equally worked within all areas. Pretty intense class that is adapted based on participant fitness levels. As you’d expect form a total body workout, this can deliver benefits from head to toe. You’ll be better toned and physically fitter and you’ll probably feel as good as you look.

The Benefits

  • Full Body workout – targets every muscle in your body all in one session. Great for those people that don’t have time to work singular muscle groups.

  • High energy – from start to finish, your body will be challenged and you will be sweating. Great for burning calories!

  • Increased strength and stamina – by attending these classes regularly, you can be sure that your strength and stamina will increase.


I have been training for eight years in total, various sports and outdoor activities; I have been a personal trainer for three plus years. I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado with a diploma in Personal Training, and certification as a bootcamp instructor. With my mission to help people I trained all different types of demographics, and have held specialized boot camps for kids, sports teams, and adults. Since graduating, I have furthered my education in becoming a Youth Exercise Specialist with the plan to help the youth (childhood-adolescent) learn and establish healthy lifestyle habits. I aspire to bring awareness to mind-body training that aims to create awareness in daily routine enhancing ones quality of life. Mind-Body Functional Training is training with the idea of longevity in mind with an emphasis on movement mechanics, posture, balance, strength. Personal Training for me is a way to give back what I never knew growing up obese or through high school/collegiate sports–it is, for me, a way to help others create and manifest their destiny through health and fitness!

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