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This class involves a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness.

The Benefits

  • Strengthens your core – pilates hits your core unlike anything else. Having a strong core means you can eliminate back pain and also make those abs pop!

  • Correct Imbalances – pilates incorporates exercises that isolate particular parts of your body. This will correct any imbalances you may have which could potentially cause injury otherwise.

  • Increased flexibility – pilates elongates and strengthens muscles, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured.


I received my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Illinois University. I have been an athlete my entire life and always find a passion for being as healthy as can be. I currently focus on Calisthenics along with a wide variety of hypertrophy/strength training. My passion is sharing my knowledge and working with clients to make a positive impact in their lives to achieve whatever goals they may have. My specialties include running, weight loss, sport specific training, hypertrophy/bodybuilding training, and circuit training.

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