"It Never Gets easier. You Just Get Stronger."

Chicago Personal Trainer Ryan
Ryan’s Certifications

Bachelor's in Exercise Science

CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Ryan received his bachelors degree in exercise science from Illinois State University. He wrestled for 7 years, including 2 years in college. Ryan has worked with two separate NCAA division I strength and conditioning programs as well as a few commercial facilities and has lots of experience training athletes. In his free time, Ryan enjoys Olympic lifting and staying in peak shape while maintaining a healthy diet. His specialties include strength training, athlete performance, wrestling, functional training, and injury prevention.

Fun Facts

  • My favorite meals are cheeseburgers and burritos.
  • I've visited 8 different countries.
  • My Favorite hobby other than working out is fishing.
  • I taught myself to play piano when I was younger.

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