"Impossible is nothing"

Kamil’s Certifications

Degree - Exercise Science

Degree - Information and Decision Sciences

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Kamil is the co-founder of Chitown Trainer and can best be best described as a fit geek. He completed his degree in Information and Decisions Sciences with a minor in Exercise Science. He has been an athlete his entire life, and continues to play today. He started working out over 10 years ago and was hooked ever since. He loves seeing dedicated people want to change their lives around, which is the reason why he started personal training. Kamil’s specialties include weight loss, sports training, and bodybuilding. He has helped people train for competitions as well as helped athletes become better at their particular sport. If you are dedicated and are looking to transform yourself, Kamil is the guy for you!

Fun Facts

  • I’m a tech geek who loves to workout; a paradox personified :)
  • I have played sports my entire life (basketball and soccer in particular)
  • My best friend is my professor from college.
  • Android > iPhone

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