"Nothing will work unless you do."

Andreea’s Certifications

Exercise Science - Loyola University


Andreea was born in Romania, where technology hardly existed, so as a child, she never sat still, always playing sports, moving around, and staying active. Over the years, She has tried any and all sports she possibly could have played including soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and water polo. The love for sports led her to study Exercise Science at Loyola University. She loved learning about how exercise can improve so many different aspects of health, cardiovascular, mental, and physical. She been a personal trainer for about 3 years, and is very passionate about helping each individual achieve their own goal.

Fun Facts

  • I've lived in Panama for a month, where I taught kickboxing and boot camp.
  • I have more spices in my kitchen than anyone else I know.
  • I speak Spanish and Romanian.

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