How To Choose The Right Personal Trainer
How To Choose The Right Personal Trainer
September 12, 2017

There are a lot of great personal trainers out there, but each one is different. Keep the following in mind when choosing:

  • Your Goals
  • Personality Type
  • Know what motivates you
  • Education
  • Training Style
  • Location
Your Goals

The first step in finding your perfect trainer is figuring out what your goal is. It could be weight loss, getting stronger, or just focusing on living a healthier life. Keep this in mind as you are looking for a trainer as you want to find a trainer that will help you reach your goals. You want to consider the gender of the trainer. Personal training is as it says in the name, personal. If the trainer is of the opposite gender, would you feel comfortable talking to them about your body?

Personality Type

Everyone has a different personality, so you have to be sure the personal trainer you choose is someone that you will enjoy spending time with; you will be seeing this person multiple times a week, for what could be the foreseeable future. Be sure to talk to them before starting, and not just about training. Get to know the trainer, their hobbies, interests, etc.

What Motivates You?

The next step in finding the perfect trainer is determining what motivates you and what personality types you match best with. Some people need a drill sergeant who will push them to their limits while others prefer a gentler approach. Each trainer has their own training style and it needs to match your needs. Before your first training session, ask to meet your trainer and discuss what your expectations are. It is important to have your personalities match because you will be spending many hours with them and you need to feel like that time is being well spent. If you prefer a gentler approach, you won’t want to go workout if you are dreading another hour of having someone yell at you to do another push up.

Trainer’s Education

A trainer’s education level and experience is crucial. Anyone can spend a month studying and pass a certification exam. You want to be sure that the person that is training you has a certification that is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Personal trainers may also have degrees in fields such as exercise science, kinesiology, or athletic training. If they have a degree, they probably know what they are talking about. You can also ask for references. They could give you testimonials from previous clients who shared similar goals or traits.

Trainer’s Specialties and Philosophies

An important thing to consider is their specialties and philosophies. If you are passionate about a certain type of training like kickboxing or using kettlebells, you want to know that your trainer has experience with that. Specialization can also include those who work with clients with certain medical conditions. If you have arthritis, are still recovering from a major injury, or have any sort of metabolic or heart disease, you want to make sure that your trainer knows how to work within safe parameters. A trainer’s philosophy is how your trainer decides to structure your workout. Some trainers prefer to use free weights while others may prefer to use more machines. Ask about their philosophy and how it will pertain to your goals.


Finally, you want to consider location. If it takes you 30 minutes to drive to the gym, you are more likely to skip out on your workout. Try to find something close to home or even have a trainer come to your home. This will help you stay committed to reaching your goals.



What are you waiting for? Get started with in home personal training and reach the goals you’ve always wanted!