Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling Class

This class creates deep dynamic strength and core support while releasing tight, painful areas of the body. Participants learn how to provide their own muscle relief and decrease muscular soreness.

The Benefits

  • Relieve muscle tension – foam rolling increases blood flow, which can relive muscle tension after a workout.

  • Increased range of motion  the action of foam rolling can help to stretch out and lengthen your muscles, which can increase your flexibility and range of motion.


My name is Ashley and I am a 200hr certified yoga instructor. I have grown in my personal yoga practice and have seen both physical and mental benefits which inspired me to want to share this beautiful practice with others. When coming to my class be prepared to challenge yourself, get a good sweat, push through the abs series, clear the mind of negativity and lastly, rock out to a killer play list! I love being able to see my students grow from class to class and being able to help assist in their yoga journey is what motivates me as a yoga instructor. Chicago, let’s make this city a better place and get our flow on!

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