Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling Class

This class creates deep dynamic strength and core support while releasing tight, painful areas of the body. Participants learn how to provide their own muscle relief and decrease muscular soreness.

The Benefits

  • Relieve muscle tension – foam rolling increases blood flow, which can relive muscle tension after a workout.

  • Increased range of motion  the action of foam rolling can help to stretch out and lengthen your muscles, which can increase your flexibility and range of motion.


Luke’s passion for fitness started when he was a teenager. After going to the gym for the first time, he became hooked. He loved seeing the progression his body made, and decided he wanted to help others achieve the same success. He started by becoming a NASM certified personal trainer, followed by going to college to get his Bachelors in Exercise Science. Luke also specializes in creating customized diet plans for all of his clients to make sure they reach their goals. If you are like Luke and want to see your body progress, he is the trainer for you!

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