Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

The objective of the cardio kickboxing class is to give you a holistic, total-body training program that combines an aerobic workout with the movements and techniques of martial arts.

The Benefits

  • Great form of cardio – running on a treadmill can get boring. This fast paced class makes cardio fun all while teaching you kickboxing for whenever you may need it :)

  • Tone your body – not only is cardio kickboxing a great form of cardio, it is a great way to make your muscles work. Cardio and a workout all in one? Your body will be great in no time!

Peter A

Peter has lived in and around Chicago his whole life. His interests in fitness and health were sparked in high school during a weight lifting class. This led him to pursue Physical Education in college. He has been playing volleyball for the last 9 years. During college, Peter coached numerous volleyball teams and played volleyball at DePaul. After graduating DePaul University with an honors degree, Peter taught health and PE at Lane Tech High School. It was through these experiences that Peter grew to love training others. Peter enjoys learning about various training philosophies and nutrition topics.

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