"Tomorrow never comes."

Chicago Personal Trainer Craig
Craig’s Certifications

Bachelor of Science - Dietetics


Hi! My name is Craig. I completed my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dietetics at Eastern Illinois University. Following undergrad, I worked in the food science industry as a regulatory specialist primarily in the flavor chemistry world.

From childhood to my high school years, I had been involved with sports. Through those activities, I found myself in the gym frequently, which ultimately became a hobby and lifestyle I found to be indispensable.

After years of seeing the positive impact such a lifestyle can make on the quality of life, I only want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm of it with others.

Fun Facts

  • I can play the guitar, bass, and drums.
  • Road trip enthusiast.
  • Lover of many music genres (hip hop, punk, metalcore, folk, electronic)
  • I won the young authors contest in 5th grade (somehow).
  • I can probably consume more caffeine than you and feel normal.

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