Six Pack Attack Class

Six Pack Attack Class

This class focuses on strengthening and isolating your abdominal and core musculature. Involves various body weight exercises and movements that will leave your abdominals sore for the next few days!

The Benefits

  • Abs from all angles – lets be honest; who doesn’t want to have shredded abs? This class targets your abs from every angle, making sure you will feel them the next morning.

  • Strengthens your core – Having a strong core is the cornerstone for performing many exercises properly and safely. You can eliminate back pain and also make those abs pop!


Shaun is a former collegiate track and field athlete (100m, long jump, high jump) and currently is pursuing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Northwestern University. As a future healthcare professional and former captain of his college team, he knows how to motivate others to work hard toward achieving their goals. Shaun’s interests include: sports conditioning, functional mobility, speed and plyometric training, injury prevention and elderly fitness screening.

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